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What is Innovate Italy Design Contest?

Innovate Italy Design Contest  is a multi-discipline engineering design contest open to all PhD, graduate and undergraduate engineering students as well as all members of the research academic community in Italy. The goal of the annual contest is to help students to cultivate their design interests of embedded processor, to improve their design technique, and to make their creativity and innovation into best practice. Altera, as the programmable logic leader, creates an environment of learning through innovation and positive competition by holding an annual multi-discipline engineering design contest. Innovate Italy Design Contest 2012 welcome the most ambitious, creative, smart PhD, and undergraduate engineering students in Italy (including the researcher community) to work together and turn all of your imagination into reality!

What are the prizes to be won?

1st prize: Parrot AR. Drone
2nd prize: Table 7” Android
3rd prize: Kindle
Who can participate in the contest?

Please submit all requested information before October 1 to October 31, 2012.

The contest is open to : PhD, graduate and undergraduate students as well as all

  the members of Accademic Research community  ).

The participants should be actively enrolled in an accredited college/university in Italy

  during the contest.

Each participant should be endorsed by a professor from the participating institute.

Teams should consist of up to 5 members, and a faculty mentor.

Any number of teams can participate from a given institution.

No entry fees.


What is the evaluation guideline of the projects?

Design Concept


Complexity (score: 5~0)
Functionality (score: 5~0)

Design Implementation (score: 5~0)

Integrity of Documentation (score: 5~0)


Learn more about the contest, and resources available.

 Please contact at
 for any question.
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